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Softopia Japan Foundation Programs

Softopia Japan houses many IT related enterprises and has excellent information infrastructure. We train and provide skilled personnel, who are capable of leading the development of local industries; and develop the Softopia Japan Area as “a hub for IT business networking” and “IT in Chubu Region.”

We seek to revitalize industries in Gifu by advancing the IT capabilities of those who are looking to raise their productivity and competitive strength. In addition, we promote information services that support these industries.

We provide support in collaboration with universities and other educational and research institutions, with the aim of creating new-IT driven services and products.

1. Holding lectures and workshops on the latest information on technological trends, including “big data” analysis and next-generation security technologies, as well as the use of advanced technologies
2. Providing information about subsidies and supports offered by public institutions
3. Promoting cooperation with industries and academia including IAMAS and other universities, as well as cooperation among enterprises

We support Gifu-based SMEs and enterprises located in the Softopia Japan Area in terms of management reforms through the use of IT.

1. IT support through holding management seminars and dispatching IT admin advisors for SMEs.
2. Comprehensive support for enterprises located in the Softopia Japan Area
3. SME technology improvement by transferring technologies on the basis of R&D results

We provide training to produce IT specialists, in accordance with the needs and the situations of Gifu industries. In addition, we hold networking events.

1. Offering industry personnel training in all industries, including information, manufacturing, and service industries
2. Offering training in technology and skills that are necessary for creating new services
3. Offering training to help develop skilled personnel who are capable of introducing internal systems and improving employees’ information literacy skills


Softopia Japan Project

The Softopia Japan Project refers to community informatization promotion measures in Gifu Prefecture with the aim of realizing Good Living Gifu, where industry, education, welfare, and all other areas are informatized.
In order to achieve this, we utilize two bases: Softopia Japan, which is a hub for the development, promotion, and accumulation of information industries; and IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences), which is a base to train advanced IT experts.